Address: 101 Iona Road, Home Hill QLD 4806

Suppliers and spreaders of:

We at Inkerman Lime & Gypsum provide a variety of spreading services with computerized direct drop augers, spinners, orchard spreader applicators and variable rate spreaders, all fitted with GPS navigational systems for a more accurate application. We also do a variety of blends to suit your individual specific needs. We also transport and accurately spread bulk fertilizer for your requirements.

Bulk Delivery

We can also deliver the product directly to you. Please contact us about delivery time frames and availability.  We frequently deliver to Proserpine, Bowen, Dalbeg, Millaroo, Giru, Townsville, Gumlu, Burdekin, Ayr, and Home Hill.

"Gypsum & Lime has been used for more than 200 years as a soil amendment and fertilizer, with over 30 benefits documented. Gypsum and lime can substantially increase crop yields, and the normal rate of increase is 10 to 50 percent."